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Project evaluation, investments and asset management

Join us

A new business era is about to begin - an era of synergetic acceleration, and ADENARIOS is making it closer.

We are building a highly diversified system to select the best projects, arrange investments deals with the leading investment funds, and provide all the necessary competencies to the startups we believe in.

What’s more, we will give the security of our investors’ funds; and our experienced team of traders will help you earn even more with our asset management program.

ADENARIOS is an umbrella platform for private and institutional investors, a safe point of access to the decentralized economy, and the ultimate mechanism to help your project grow and thrive.


Unique system of IT project evaluation — Tracking & Due Diligence
ESCROW system of interacting with projects for higher security of funds and investors’ protection
Investment deals with leading investors for the best projects
Asset management - high trading profits with minimal risks
Stage-by-stage financing procedure after the investments for approved project
Competence search - leading international specialists for your project


June 2017

Working group Blockchain for Corporations

September 2017

Investment and audit of Universa project

Exclusive representation of Universa interests

October 2017

Investment in equipment manufacturer form factor 1U in Taiwan

Investment in Play2Life

December 2017

Crypto Trading - 1000 Take Profit Deals

Invitations from the Government of Switzerland to incorporate

February 2018

Investment Hub in Tallinn, Estonia and Portugal

Office in China in Shanghai and in Hong Kong

Investment in Cubomania and ThePower blockchain

MVP Platform testing and presentation to experts

May 2018

Hong Kong investment Conference

Open office in Spain. Partnership with ICEX-Invest.

Investment in Huricana Project

July 2018

Techcrunch 2018 meet with Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) and Changpeng Zhao (Binance)

12,000 investors

February 2019

Our network is 27,000 investors

Introduction of an IT startup Investment Hub in UAE

December 2019

Сonformity to C4 Security Standard

January 2020

Coordinat activities with FINMA

February 2020

Implementation of competition market